How Full-Service Management works and what you can expect.

We have our own website dedicated to ONLY vacation rentals,, plus we work directly with Airbnb and VRBO as well as the usual social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Stay Coronado is part of the Coronado Chamber of Commerce which provides access to a wider range of advertising throughout the island. On occasion, we will advertise in the Coronado Eagle Newspaper.
Since our offices are in the heart of the village on Orange Ave, walk ins are a huge part of our business along with referrals from agents and of course, all our wonderful repeat tenants.

We are aligned with a very powerful Vacation Rental Management system, called LiveRez. LiveRez is connected directly with Airbnb, giving you more exposure, which we will talk about in the next section. LiveRez is where we input all reservations, keep track of all tenants, all rents and deposits. You will be given a username to access your owner portal where you will be able to view the reservation calendar and view all monthly statements.

Our LiveRez system works directly with Airbnb. If you choose to have your home advertised on Airbnb, the process will look a little different. First, your home will be advertised as an “Instant booking” unit, which means, tenants can book the home without emailing or contacting us first. The contract and the security deposit will be with Airbnb. The rent and cleaning fee will be deposited to us the day the tenants move in, minus the Airbnb fee, which depends on the price of the rental. If there were to be any charges after the tenants move out, we will work directly with Airbnb.

Stay Coronado does not take inventory of items in the house such as silverware, pots, pans, dishes, and towels. However, we will periodically go through the house to see if these items need replacing. For more of this information, see owner’s responsibilities.

Stay Coronado will handle all maintenance calls and issues that tenants may encounter during their stay. Whether it's 3pm or midnight, we are always available for any issues that may occur. Even if you don't have a tenant in there, we are always here to help. We will help with minor repairs like changing out light bulbs in lamps, going to the store to buy supplies to help fill your house for the next set of tenants, but we do work with many vendors for the bigger maintenance issues. Minor repairs will get repaired ASAP, but for issues over $200, we will contract you to get the repair approved. Minor issues could include toilet running, smoke detector installation, carpet cleaning, etc... Major issues could include appliance repairs, hot water problems, changing out faucets, etc..

We vette all tenants beforehand the best we can. We do not require the tenants to fill out a credit application form. The only time we will require a credit application to be filled out, is when the tenants are here for a longer term stay and they will be paying rent monthly. We will require references if we feel it is necessary. We will never book a tenant without your final approval. When tenants book with us, they sign a California Vacation Rental Agreement, their deposit is due asap and their rent and cleaning are due 60 days before they check in. If your booking came from Airbnb, the payout will not be until the day they move in. If it’s multiple months, Airbnb will do multiple payouts throughout their stay.

Tenants will pay a deposit upon signing the contract. This deposit is technically a reservation fee. This reservation fee is a nonrefundable fee if the tenants cancel their stay before they move in. This fee will be given to you minus our commission. The day the tenants move in, this reservation fee turns into the security deposit. This deposit is used for any damages or charges that may occur during their stay. If no damage was done, or no charges were incurred, this deposit is fully refundable to the tenants with-in 21 days of move out.

Tenants pay for all move out cleans. Cleaning fees are different depending on the unit size. The fee will double if the tenants have a pet and of course, if you allow a pet. Our housekeepers will oversee all cleanings after the tenants move out. We do recommend that you fill your home with house supplies so the cleaners can stock it before the next set of tenants. This is where an "owner's closet" comes in handy. We will talk about that later in owner’s responsibilities.

We disburse rent payments at the end of each month every month. Each owner is on the same schedule. You can have them emailed to you or mailed. We can send checks to your home, or you can sign up to have your payments directly deposited into the account of your choice. We do not take any taxes out, but we will 1099 you at the end of the year along with a year-end statement. We can also help take care of all the house bills. SDGE, trash, water, etc. You can have the bills mailed to our accounting office and we will use the funds from your account to pay them. We will hold money every month from the rent we collect, or you can transfer money to your trust account.

We recommend all owners have an "Owner's closet". This is where you can store your personal stuff, but we also ask that you buy enough house supplies to help us fill your home up after each move out. Toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, dish soap, dishwasher pods, sponges, cleaning supplies, trash bags and hand soap. We will only put out enough to get the tenants started. A deep cleaning of the house 2x a year is necessary to keep up with the cleanliness of the house. This includes cleaning of all dishes, linens, behind fridge, behind washer and dryer's, etc.... While performing this deep clean, this is where you can inspect the linens, towels, mattress, furniture, and replace/update as needed. We also recommend having your heating and cooling system checked and filters changed 2 x a year depending how often they are getting used. Fresh paint throughout the inside of the house every 5-7 years to freshen it up, and carpet cleaning 2x a year will help keep the carpets clean and fresh.

Stay Coronado charges 15% of total rent collected and if the lease is with the same tenant for 6+ months, our commission is 10%.